The platform for biocarbons.

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Our goal is international market leadership as a platform provider for biocarbons. The business model is the production of specified, certified and batch biocarbons for different markets. In addition, we have innovative production technologies that enable highly scalable scaling on an industrial scale and at attractive prices for our BtoB customers.

In 2025, we will operate at least 25 national and international locations locally. Every year, we produce 120,000 t of biocarbons and generate 600,000 MWh of thermal energy, which can also be converted into electricity. This results in annual sales of € 75 million. Added to this are income from the sale of energy and licenses for products.

This total package is our USP.


Torsten Becker

Founder and Managing Director
Head of Innovation and Communication

For more than 25 years the graduate industrial designer FH dealt with innovative product developments of SMEs. Torsten has been active in the field of biocarbons since 2013. The passion of the carbonaut applies to the development of new products made of biocarbon. He is also responsible for product design, marketing and communication.


Christoph Hiemer

Head of location and project development

After completing his law studies, Christoph joined CHP in his father's and formerly largest German engineering company. He planned and realized a larger pyrolysis plant, where he was managing partner until the end of 2016. For 20 years he has been an expert in biomass flows and their utilization. He has contacts in the markets and with customers from this activity. His area of responsibility includes site development, financing planning, biomass flows, sales of biocarbons, energy recovery and plant operation.



Stephan Enge

Projectmanagement and promotion

Stephan is a graduate mechanical engineer aerospace engineering and determined: "I want to make a contribution to climate protection through the use of sustainable technologies. The topic of biocarbons has not let me go since a scientific lecture on the many positive features. In particular, through their application in agriculture, I see great potential for avoiding CO2 and other greenhouse gases. I am committed to the use of biocarbons in the municipal sector. Likewise, research in the area of innovative products based on biocarbons drives me forward. "



Michael Sernatinger

Project acquisition nationally and internationally

As the Master of Science and international carbonautics representative, Michael notes, "The more I travel the world and see the environmental destruction, the more important it becomes for me to be part of the solution and not the problem. World consumption will increase, so it needs answers. Responses that are intelligently designed and sustainably interpreted - the answer of the carbonauten. Our work will definitely make the future better than without our work and that motivates me. "

A passion and motivation is Indonesia, with 255 million inhabitants the fourth most populated state in the world, a lot of biomass residues and need for environmentally friendly systems. Michael strives to create the basis for "carbonauten Indonesia".



Denis Maier

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The "Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences at the University of Konstanz" and "Master of Science Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Bayreuth" quotes Franz Kafka: "In the woods are things to think about, you could lie in the moss for years." Nature is an extremely complex system of a variety of different Organsimen. During my bachelor studies in biology and the following master's degree in biochemistry and molecular biology, I gained an insight into the processes taking place there. Especially the microbiology, so the smallest organisms in the ecosystems have fascinated me the most Many processes in nature are not possible without these organisms. However, humans are heavily influenced by these systems, which reduces biodiversity and destroys ecosystems. I see many positive opportunities in the use of biochar. An example would be the use as a soil additive. It has the potential to restore ecosystems by, inter alia, increasing the biodiversity of the microorganisms and thus improving their beneficial effects on plants (e.g., better conditions for symbiotic fungi)



Product and industrial design

As a student of industrial design at the leading Schwäbisch Gmünd Academy of Art and Design, he does not see design as an end in itself and as a showcase for products. "For me, good design must first and foremost protect the environment and improve it. Because a large part of the environmental problems is also caused by the consumption of brands that have to produce new designs over and over again to unleash people's greed for even more and new products and thus to generate sales. First and foremost, my task is to discover new fields of application for biocarbons and to develop ideas for alternatives to existing products. After all, products made of biocarbons must also generate acceptance, arouse needs and satisfy them. "He is currently spending his semester abroad in California and is also active there for the carbonauten.