Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come: biocarbons as an ecologically and economically attractive investment against climate change.

If not now then when?

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At our first location in Eberswalde, north of Berlin, we are currently realizing a size with three production modules that is economically very attractive and serves as a model for other locations. Depending on the available biomass, the production can be adjusted in 5,000 t input steps, from which we produce 1,600 t of biocarbons each and generate by-product usable 8,000 MWh of thermal energy. In a historic rolling mill hall, we are initially launching 4,800 t / year of biocarbons and 24,000 MWh / year of renewable energy and are gradually expanding both the capacities and the product range.

Due to the local and decentralized as well as production with high variability in input and output, there are hundreds of potential locations in Germany alone. We are currently examining options at Saarbrücken, Freiburg, Aachen, Ostalbkreis, Ulm, Munich and Schwerte.

Due to the highly efficient, simple, robust, low-maintenance and durable production technology, we are in preliminary talks to locations in African, Arab and Asian countries.

In order to disseminate the positive properties of biocarbons in as many products and markets as possible, we conduct scientific research and development with various European universities and institutions.

In addition, over time we will create a unique library on biocarbons and their applications.

Investors and companies are invited to participate in carbonauten sites by up to 50%.

Or we realize 100% of sites ourselves and both benefit from synergies.

Recycling centers, sawmills and pellets, energy-intensive companies, farms or the "green field" - the potential locations are diverse. Ideal are those in which biomasses occur directly, in the immediate vicinity or within a radius of up to 50 km. Take advantage of renewable energy around the clock at reasonable prices. Where mutual benefits arise, such as the division of infrastructure, space, buildings and personnel. That lowers investment and running costs. However, locations can also be completely redeveloped and realized. The carbonauten system ensures a professional and efficient development and the reliable operation of the production.

Investment partners benefit from high, long-term returns. The risks are therefore minimal because the high flexibility in terms of input and output serves the best markets. Within a few hours, production can be adapted to changing circumstances. More important than the purely monetary momentum is the satisfaction of the ecological and social benefits.

Depending on biomass, biocarbon, end products, energy sales and CO2 certificates, the profit is between 35% and 80%. Using existing infrastructure and staff will have a positive impact on ROI.